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Tree Cutting in Westport

If you are looking for a team of arborists who have the skills and equipment to safely cut down your trees, look no further than Claudio Tree Work & Landscaping LLC. We’re the tree specialists you can count on! Call us at (203) 297-3522 to learn more today.


Don’t Let That Tree Topple On Its Own, Call a Tree Felling Company!

Whether an old, decaying tree has lost its luster, or it’s structural integrity has been compromised in a bad storm, you can put your trust in us. We’re able to remove trees from properties with ease.


Our hazard-free approach ensures that the rest of your property, the surrounding soil, and near-by trees aren’t impacted in the slightest way.

Rest assured, we have the expertise to match the equipment we use. For the best service, contact us today!


We Are the Certified Tree Trimmers You Can Count On

Becoming a certified arborist is no simple task. Many landscapers forgo this certification, but not us. Understanding how to properly care for trees, soils, and plant-life ensures that we approach every project with the delicate hand needed to protect the surrounding environment.


While it might be easy to buy cranes, cables, and stump grinders, certification and training is something you cannot buy outright—it needs to be earned. Rest assured, we earned our place at the top of Westport’s list of professional arborists.


24/7 Emergency Tree Removal at No Extra Cost: Available Day or Night

When high winds run through your property, they can damage decaying tree limbs or even the healthiest of trees. When that damage is extensive, or those once-healthy trees have turned into a safety hazard, we invite you to call us. It doesn’t matter whether you need help in the early hours of the morning or the middle of the night—we’ll be there. All you have to do is call us!


What Sets Us Apart: Tree Cutting Service with Free Cleanup

We do more than cut down your tree or trim those branches. We also offer land clearing and debris removal services too. This means that after we chop down those limbs, branches, and trunk, we’ll also remove them from the property. How’s that for customer service?


Comprehensive Tree Removal: We Will Remove Your Tree Stump, Too!

Most tree removal companies will remove the tree trunk and limbs, but not the stump. That’s because removing a tree stump requires equipment and skillsets that some professionals just don’t have. Here at Claudio Tree Work & Landscaping LLC, however, we have everything necessary to remove that unwanted stump from your property.


Fast Turnarounds on All Tree Services

There is nothing worse than having people stomp around your property for hours—or days—on end. That’s why we are committed to always working quickly!


Request a Visit from the Best Arborists Today!

Is there a tree that has grown to become a bit of an eyesore, or even a liability on your property? Whatever the case, we are only a phone call away. Our number is (203) 297-3522, and we look forward to hearing from you.